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Though accidents can occur virtually anywhere and under any circumstances, some of the most serious and costly accidents occur while people are involved in traffic related activities.  Although some traffic accidents my subject the wrongdoer to criminal sanctions, injuries suffered in such an accident usually are compensable also through a personal injury civil lawsuit.

The Personal Injury Law describes the framework of a personal injury suit.  Most civil suits arising from traffic accidents are based in negligence.  Tort litigation involving traffic related activities can be extremely complicated.  Retaining an inexperienced lawyer my result in a plaintiff losing a lawsuit or not receiving the recovery that he or she deserves.  It is important that a person injured in a traffic related accident choose an attorney with appropriate experience and familiarity with the subject matter of the lawsuit.

Like any state, Texas has its share of serious automobile accidents.  Recognizing that accidents can be costly, Texas requires that every driver and owner of a motor vehicle maintain at all times an approved from of financial responsibility.  In general, this is accomplished through the purchase of motor vehicle liability insurance.  Insurance companies also must provide coverage with minimum policy limits for the insured to protect them against uninsured or underinsured motorists.  Failure to obtain and maintain such insurance coverage (or other proof of financial responsibility, such as a surety bond or self-insurance) can lead to revocation of a driver's license and car registration, a fine, and/or imprisonment.

Hiring an experienced attorney can also save you out of pocket expenses for such items as medical bills and prescriptions.  In many cases an attorney may even represent you without you having to pay money up front.