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Jay Moritz
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Jay F. Moritz

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Several Ways to Reach my Office

You may contact me in person, by mail, telephone, fax, and by E-mail at: 2600 S.W. Military Dr. Suite 118, San Antonio, Texas 78224 Telephone: (210)928-9999

E-mail: jaylaw5@aol.com

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FREE Parking is available for clients so they do not have to worry about looking for parking spaces in the street or parking lots. Free parking for  clients just outside our office building. Payment Options and Policies: I will work with you and accept payment plans, whenever, it becomes necessary to help clients get over a financial, legal, personal or family crisis. I understand that legal problems are often accompanied by tough financial situations that can cause a burden on loved ones. Lets talk candidly during your initial visit and let me try to help. My initial client conferences up to one half (1/2) hour are free.

2600 S.W. Military Dr. Suite #118, San Antonio, Texas 78224